Researchers wrote that they observed "substantial and increasing disparities in CVD between people with the most resources and the remainder of the U.S. population."

Gary Idelchik, MD, has filed a lawsuit against BayCare Health System in Florida.

The original social media post quickly went viral but was soon deleted. 

Cardiology’s median compensation is more than $530,000, according to a new report from AMGA Consulting. That figure has increased each year since 2016's report. 

ACC.21 will now take place May 15-17, 2021, in Atlanta.

The device delivers helium and oxygen to the user while capturing exhaled gas in a closed-off “rebreather” system.

The new report, developed by MedAxiom, includes data from nearly 4,000 healthcare providers.

He surrendered his medical license in 2018 and has agreed to work with the government going forward. 

The proposed changes, announced August 12, are focused on easing a variety of requirements.

Medicinal marijuana has gained considerable acceptance in recent years, and some states have even legalized the recreational use of the drug. But what are its impacts on a person’s cardiovascular health?

One of the article’s biggest critics, it seems, was the author’s own institution.

American College of Cardiology President Athena Poppas, MD, penned the statement, emphasizing how important it is for Congress to work together and get things done.