Healthcare Economics & Policy

The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, topped this year’s U.S. News & World Report’s list of the best hospitals for cardiology and heart surgery in the country, published at the end of July.

Chris Semsarian, PhD, MPH, has been announced as the newest editor-in-chief of the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine.

Maquet and Datascope issued a nationwide recall of 22,853 intra-aortic balloon pumps July 23 following reports of five patient deaths and numerous battery failures.

The American College of Cardiology this week announced that William D. Nelligan, III, CAE, FACC, passed away July 23 in Rockville, Md. Nelligan was a longtime leader of the ACC and was affiliated with the College for nearly three decades.

A 50-year-old personal trainer and his wife, a physician in Plains, Mont., are struggling to afford a hospital bill totaling more than half a million dollars after insurance failed to help cover the man’s critical 14-week dialysis treatment, NBC News reports.

Nearly two-thirds of high-risk patients prescribed PCSK9 inhibitors to lower their risk of familial hypercholesterolemia and ASCVD are rejected coverage for the drugs by their health insurers, a new study alleges.

The University of Chicago has agreed to pay $2.6 million to settle a malpractice lawsuit claiming the actions of its cardiology staff in July 2014 led to the untimely death of a 61-year-old heart patient.

Toward the end of June, around a dozen American diabetics took an 817-mile caravan ride from Minneapolis to London, Ontario, in an effort to obtain more affordable insulin, CBS News reports. It was the second caravan in two months to make the trip.

A study out of the U.K. has found that, after the nation’s Food Standards Agency relaxed its sodium content regulations in 2011, Brits saw a simultaneous—and related—rise in cases of cardiovascular disease and stomach cancer.

Abbott Laboratories is planning to increase production of its lower-cost continuous glucose monitor, the FreeStyle Libre, by three to five times in the coming years, Reuters reported July 16.

A federal judge has set a 10-month deadline, ending in May 2020, for e-cigarette and cigar makers to apply for FDA authorization to keep their products on the market.

The combination heart failure drug sacubitril/valsartan is well-covered under Medicare Part D plans, according to a recent analysis, but patient access to the medication remains limited by steep out-of-pocket costs than can exceed $1,600 annually.