The funds are expected to go toward bringing in new employees and making other key additions as the company ramps up production of its flagship platform.

Cardiogenic shock has been linked to a heightened risk of morbidity and mortality. TEER, it seems, may be able to help provide patients with some relief. 

The guideline's authors set out to show that a multi-pronged approach is necessary in the treatment of high-risk ASCVD patients with elevated triglycerides.

Researchers presented the new data at Heart Rhythm 2021.

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Brigham and Women’s Hospital scientists sought to pinpoint which women were most susceptible to missing their appointment, sharing their findings in Clinical Imaging. 

Also, Rayus Radiology's new quality announcement, U.S. Radiology Specialists seeks consistency, and Rad Partners increases efficiency in its legal department. 

Correlation tensor MRI could enhance brain tissue assessments and predict patient-level outcomes.