Heart Rhythm

"Patients and physicians need to monitor for these arrhythmias closely and treatments needs to be timely," one researcher warned. 

Long-term anticoagulation can be recommended for AFib patients 90 years old and older, according to new research. 

This latest analysis compared the outcomes of hospitalized COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and those who received a placebo. 

However, the two treatment options were associated with similar rates of long-term bleeding and ischemic events. 

No procedure-related deaths were reported, and an absolute LVEF improvement of more than 5% was present in nearly 49% of patients. 

The patch harvests energy from each heartbeat, allowing it to operate with no external power source. 

These findings are especially important, the authors wrote, because they suggest there may be a new way to personalize patient care. 

Catheter ablation was consistently linked to more substantial LVEF improvements than pharmacological therapy.

Irreversible electroporation, the authors noted, could help clinicians avoid the drawbacks of thermal ablation

The eye-opening findings were presented during the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology 2020 virtual meeting.

“These observations might have direct treatment implications," researchers wrote.