The authors did emphasize that they were not ruling on the overall “clinical efficacy” of hydroxychloroquine with this research. 

The study's authors urged physicians to use caution when prescribing these medications for "off-label indications." 

The study focused on more than 1,400 TAVR patients treated from August 2007 to June 2018. 

Healthcare-associated infections are a massive issue, leading to more than 99,000 patient deaths annually in the United States alone, and recent research suggests they are on the rise.

Survival to hospital discharge and favorable neurological outcomes suffer in instances of intra-arrest patient transport. 

The app boasts a sensitivity of 98.7% and specificity of 100%.

The new balloon catheter system provides real-time feedback during minimally invasive surgeries and ablations. 

The research team's findings were presented at ESC Congress 2020 and published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study's authors tracked EHR data of more than 500,000 patients from a single health system in Pennsylvania. 

Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD, spoke to Big 12 representatives at length about COVID-19, myocarditis and how playing games may impact the safety of college athletes.

The team behind the analysis explored autopsies, toxicology reports, medication lists and prior health records for its research. 

Researchers explored 43 years of data from the Framingham Heart Study.