Geisinger Health invests in preventative care with 'fresh food pharmacies'

A pilot program from Geisinger Health System has sights set on improving patient health with a new take on the old pharmacy. Instead of dispensing medication, Geisinger's approach is based on "Fresh Food Pharmacies" that give patients free healthy food to those struggling with lifestyle-based conditions such as diabetes.

NPR introduced the pilot program with the story of Tom Shicowich, who had a toe amputated after a diabetes-related infection put him in the hospital for a month. Since joining the program, he has lost 45 pounds while improving control of his condition.

David Feinberg, president and CEO of Geisinger Health System, sees major improvements for those who are able to participate in such programs.

"[They] won't go blind, [they] won't have kidney disease, amputations," Feinberg says. "The list goes on and on."

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