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“This is a procedure that’s done once, and it keeps giving a benefit over time,” one researcher said. “This is going to prevent thousands of strokes.”

“Our findings suggest that cardiologists should consider the value of regular psychological assessments, especially among younger patients,” one researcher said. The team's full findings will be presented at ACC.21. 

The authors evaluated data from more than 2.1 million patients, sharing their findings in Circulation.

When patients with post-TAVR infective endocarditis have a stroke, their risk of in-hospital mortality and all-cause mortality after one year both skyrocket. 

The global event, now in its second year, is raising money for Doctors Without Borders. 

The team behind the new guidance also emphasized how important it still is for all adults to get vaccinated. 

The meta-analysis included data from 14 different studies investigating the differences between guided and standard antiplatelet therapy after PCI.

The full scientific statement was published April 26 in Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine.

The FDA has also indicated it is “establishing special controls for devices of this type,” including labeling and testing requirements.

The recall is due to the potential separation of the atraumatic distal tip of the sheathed delivery system, the FDA reported. 

The median time from a positive serological test result to acute ischemic stroke was nearly 55 days. 

Researchers simulated more than 80 million patient encounters, running a variety of models to gain as much insight as possible.