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The mortality rate for COVID-19 patients was nearly twice as high if they had a history of peripheral artery disease, researchers found. 

The trial will enroll a total of 250 CAD patients. 

“Our study adds additional evidence that patients with minor stroke or TIA should be started on DAPT irrespective of their pretreatment antiplatelet status,” the researchers wrote.

The analysis also focused on outcomes related to heart attacks, definite stent thrombosis and more. 

Smoking cessation should be stressed before patients undergo revascularization for intermittent claudication, researchers observed.

Researchers turned to recent Medicare data to learn more about ongoing trends in interventional cardiology. 

The new study, published in Neurology, focused on imaging data from 145 patients. 

AFib episodes that last 5.5 hours or longer increase a patient’s risk of ischemic stroke by a significant margin. 

The findings, based on Medicare data, were presented at VIVA21 in Las Vegas.

The Class I recall includes units distributed from September 2020 to August 2021.

The study included patients with a recent history of PCI, CABG or confirmed coronary artery disease that did not require revascularization.

The device was designed to treat patients facing a heightened risk of recurrent stroke.

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