Most CV procedures performed in outpatient settings

LexisNexis Risk Solutions has released a summary of recent cardiology treatment trends in the U.S., revealing that most cardiology procedures in the country are performed in an outpatient setting.

LexisNexis reportedly identified its trends based on a review of 50 million ICD-10 and CPT codes from 2018. The research team found that last year, 15.8% of cardiology procedures were inpatient, 50.8% were outpatient and 33.7% were office-based.

The number of top-ranked specialties by procedure setting were as follows:

Inpatient procedures

  • Cardiology: 701
  • Internal medicine: 179
  • Interventional cardiology: 49

Outpatient procedures

  • Cardiology: 1,552
  • Emergency medicine: 293
  • Internal medicine: 187

In-office procedures

  • Cardiology: 704
  • Internal medicine: 39
  • Cardiac electrophysiology: 19

The No. 1 rated outpatient center was identified as the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland; the top-rated inpatient facility was New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York; and the highest-rated office was North Shore Long Island-Medical PC in Great Neck, New York. The Center for Cardiovascular Research and Education LLC in Phoenix took the cake as the best ambulatory surgical center in the U.S.

Find a full copy of the report here.