Cardiologist apologizes for anti-Semitic comments

Editor's note: This story contains inappropriate language. The words have been edited, but the text may still make readers feel uncomfortable.

A cardiologist in Australia has apologized after making anti-Semitic comments in a private email.

Arthur Nasis is a cardiologist and associate professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He was emailing with his sister, a property manager, about one of her tenants when he said, “tell him to pack his j** bags and f*** off.” The email exchange was later inadvertently sent to the tenant.

According to a detailed report from The Australian Jewish News, the tenant was stunned.

“It sparked fear of the prevalence of anti-Semitism and hateful words loosely used in everyday communication,” the tenant said. “Recounting the situation and reading the email to my family, I saw the raw emotion from my father who was born in 1945 and lost family members at the hands of the Nazis, and who spent his toddler years running through Europe.”

The tenant reached out to the Anti-Defamation Commission in Australia and Monash University. Nasis apologized, saying he was “grateful for the opportunity to discuss this and apologize.”

“I look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with my Jewish medical colleagues and the wider Jewish community,” he said, as quoted by The Australian Jewish News.

Monash Health is currently investigating the matter. Health Minister Martin Foley called the comments "completely unacceptable." 

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