AHA video: Surgical backup for elective PCI? Randomized trial says no need
Thomas R. Aversano, MD, explained the results of his late-breaking clinical trial, C-PORT, with Cardiovascular Business
ORLANDO, Fla.—Thomas R. Aversano, MD, prinicipal investigator of C-PORT, spoke with Cardiovascular Business about his randomized trial, which evaluated the safety of elective PCI in higher volume facilities with and without surgical backup. The findings were presented as a late-breaking clinical trial Nov. 14 at the 2011 American Heart Association conference.

Aversano discussed the outcomes, which showed no difference between the two types of facilities, but also the wider implications of the healthcare. He also hinted at the future results of this ongoing study with its quality of life and cost-effectiveness evaluations.

This video was conducted collaboratively with ClinicalTrialResults.org.