79% of cardiologists would repeat career choice

It appears there is not much heartache among cardiologists over their career choice. Four in five cardiologists would choose their specialty again if given the option, according to a survey by an organization that oversees an online physician community.

That is higher than the overall average.

Sermo, a service that uses social media to connect physicians, surveyed its members about satisfaction with their career choice. Overall, 2,926 physicians responded.

Orthopedic specialists reported the highest satisfaction, with 87 percent saying they would repeat their choice. Psychiatrists, oncologists and pediatric specialists also expressed high satisfaction, with more than 80 percent willing to follow the same career path.

Seventy-nine percent of responding cardiologists, neurologists and pathologists indicated they would choose the same specialty again. Obstetrics/gynecology physicians were the least likely to stick with their career choice, with almost one-third reporting they would take a different career path. The average across specialties was 74 percent.

About half of the respondents replied that they loved their specialty but 16 percent cited a desire to change for lifestyle reasons and 10 percent for clinical reasons.