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Cardiology ranked No. 10 among all specialties, with plastic surgery and surgery tied at No. 1. 

The two-part document was published in full in European Heart Journal

The AHA believes the next FDA commissioner should play a key role in influencing public health post-COVID-19.

Once the tool's performance is properly validated, it could help clinicians deliver better patient care and result in significant cost savings for health systems.

Physicians, industry leaders—and, yes, patients themselves—provided an updated look at the state of vascular care in 2021. 

The new guidelines stress the importance of more complete chest pain evaluations, patient communication and shared decision-making.

Feeling inadequate or unworthy is a common phenomenon, even among highly successful individuals. One cardiologist hopes others can learn from her own experience. 

“These patients are at ongoing risk for aortic complications, reintervention and death," one researcher said. "What’s particularly alarming is that these risks do not subside over time."

The new digital journal expects to start seeking submissions later this year. 

TTE, researchers wrote, was "as good as abdominal ultrasound" when it came to screening for AAA. 

One large health system actually treated more heart failure patients during the pandemic than it had in previous years. 

Heart failure cases are expected to keep growing in the years ahead. 

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The measure to extend funding through Feb. 18 does not include any of the changes championed by physicians. 

The specialty needs more female role models like the famed superhero, who became a feminist icon in the 1970s, Carter wrote Friday in JACR

The data can help department leaders better understand “discontinuity” in staff productivity and inform promotion considerations, experts said. 

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