iCAD, ACR Image Metrix partner for CT colon study
iCAD has partnered with ACR Image Metrix for a clinical trial to establish whether iCAD's CT colon product will help radiologists to interpret virtual colonoscopy in detecting colorectal polyps and cancers.

With this partnership, iCAD will work with ACR to support FDA approval of CT colon CAD.

“This partnership represents a major step forward in the development of our colon CAD product,” said Ken Ferry, president and CEO of iCAD. “We feel that working with ACR Image Metrix, a group with significant expertise in radiology clinical trial management, will put us in an optimal position to submit solid clinical data to FDA and meet our goals for this important product line.” 

Results from recent trials showing the effectiveness of VC as a screening procedure coupled with recent legislation introduced to establish Medicare reimbursement for the procedure are likely to expand the options available for colorectal cancer screening and increase utilization of VC.

“It is clear from the low compliance levels that we need more options in colon cancer screening,” said Bruce J. Hillman, MD, FACR, ACR Image Metrix director of Scientific Affairs. “We feel that CT colonography has the potential to drastically improve colon cancer screening and we look forward to exploring how CAD can impact and enhance this new option for detecting polyps.” Hillman was the chair of ACRIN and played a pivotal role in advancing several national trials including the National CT Colonography Trial that recently demonstrated that CTC is highly accurate for the detection of intermediate and large polyps and that the accuracy of CTC is similar to colonoscopy, according to iCAD.