Detroit man changes lifestyle after heart failure diagnose

After letting his health getting out hand and being diagnosed with heart failure, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, pneumonia and kidney disease, James Young, a graphic designer from Detroit, turned his life around to get his heart health back on track, according to an article from the American Heart Association.

When he was admitted to hospital and discovered his heart was only functioning at 20 percent, he quit smoking, changed his diet and refrained from drinking alcohol.

“I realized I had done so much damage to myself that I had to introduce my body to a whole other way of living,” said Young, who is now 45. “The track became a substitute for the barstool, and I got support from others out there.”

Though Young’s lifestyle had contributed to him developing heart failure, the disease also ran in his family. His father died from complications of congestive failure and type 2 diabetes three years ago.

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