World Stroke Organization, Medtronic to promote global stroke awareness

To increase stroke awareness internationally, the World Stroke Organization and Medtronic have teamed up to educate and provide support for those who’ve suffered strokes.

The partnership will focus on developing stroke awareness campaigns and clinical education programs like the World Stroke Academy, which creates educational resources for specific countries, according to a statement from the organizations. This year, the program is planned to provide services in Beijing, the Philippines and Hyderabad, India.

"Medtronic is committed to fighting stroke across the globe and an important step in that direction is ensuring that the proper clinical education tools are available," said Stacey Pugh, vice president and general manager of the neurovascular business at Medtronic, in a statement. "WSO provides dynamic education programs utilizing various mediums to reach a broad swath of caregivers in the stroke field. We're proud to help bring these targeted courses to countries working to improve stroke care."

Medtronic, headquartered in Dublin, is one of the world’s largest medical technology companies, serving physicians, hospitals and patients in about 160 countries.

Established in 2006, the World Stroke Organization focuses on reducing strokes and their consequences through prevention, treatment, long-term care and support groups.