- High cholesterol/Diabetes

Some statins may influence the development of diabetes more than previously believed. A study found that in a large population of men on statins, a significant number developed diabetes, with risk increasing in a dose-dependent manner.

 - money, healthcare costs

A change in federal reimbursement for peripheral vascular interventions shifted the proportion of treatments away from inpatient to generally less expensive outpatient settings. But it may not have saved Medicare money, according to a study.

 - Emergency Room, ER, hospital

HEART might offer a way to discharge low-risk chest pain patients early and reduce objective cardiac testing, according to findings published March 3. While early discharge with no increase in major adverse events would be a coup, some are not convinced that reducing cardiac testing rates overall is feasible.

 - Coffee Heart

A coffee habit may improve a patient’s cardiovascular profile. A study looking at coronary artery calcium (CAC) and coffee consumption found that those who drank three or four cups of coffee a day had lower CAC score ratios than those who consumed more or less.

 - Money in a Pill

Hospitals participating in phase two of a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) bundled payment model apparently focus only on those conditions that they treat most frequently. According to research published in the March issue of Health Affairs, this means that institutions are enrolled, at most, in two or three conditions out of the possible 48.