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While guidelines warn against giving anticoagulation to patients with heart failure but without atrial fibrillation, there may be some evidence that a subgroup of these patients may be at increased risk for stroke and could benefit from additional therapy.

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A simple blood test done immediately after cardiac surgery may provide an effective indication of a patient’s postoperative stroke risk. An acutely elevated blood urea nitrogen (BUN) level after an operation was “by far” the most powerful predictor of postcardiac surgical stroke in a case-control study.

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Acknowledging there was room for improvement, the authors of PCI appropriate use criteria (AUC) have applied lessons from the last set of guidelines in a revision scheduled for publication this year, a member of the writing committee said.

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As healthcare evolves into a more value-based system, physicians are increasingly taking the reins as leaders within healthcare systems, using their clinical background to direct stronger patient-centric care.

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Multidisciplinary teams offer a broader scope of clinical opinions that can change the face of healthcare. In the case of physician-pharmacist teams, blood pressure control at nine months was best among patients monitored by a team, with sustained improvement through 24 months among minorities.