First time AED Plus used on large cruise liner
A guest vacationing aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Oasis of the Seas was saved with the help of an automated external defibrillator (AED). It was the first time the unit was used aboard the 6,200-passenger mega-ship, the largest passenger liner in the world.

"By strategically placing AEDs throughout their entire fleet, Royal Caribbean realizes the value these life-saving devices can play in improving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest when every second counts," according to Steve Williams, RN, director of medical operations for Royal Caribbean.

A guest collapsed in the ship's buffet area, according to Williams.

"Fortunately a passing guest who is a physician witnessed the cardiac arrest, called for an AED and started CPR," he said. "A crew member brought the AED Plus [Zoll Medical], which the physician used to deliver a shock that converted the patient. The ship's medical team arrived and took over patient care. A subsequent shock was delivered. The revived patient was transferred to a local hospital, underwent a stent procedure, and is now at home recovering."

According to Royal Caribbean, the organization has standardized its resuscitation products throughout its entire 27-ship fleet.