Study: Docs would prefer more digital CME training
The overwhelming majority of physicians would prefer to attend continuing medical education (CME) training online, according to the findings of the April 2012 Joint Survey of Physician Digital Behavior. The study was conducted by ON24, a global webcasting and virtual events firm, and MedData Group, an interactive content and database marketing services provider.

Almost 1,000 physicians were surveyed. Following the 84 percent who said they prefer online CME training, respondents named desired training in the forms of pharmaceutical education (32 percent), dinner meetings (29 percent) and medical device training (27 percent).

Despite these results, only 6 percent said they actually participate in virtual training or any type of virtual event very often. That is expected to change, however, as 75 percent of doctors said virtual events and webcasts are increasing in number and 96 percent said they see benefits to being able to attend more conferences, meetings and CME events virtually. Those benefits include the ability to view content on demand, avoid travel hassles and better overall patient care.

While medical professionals agreed that impressive credentials and subject matter expertise are important characteristics in a virtual event presenter, more than 61 percent said they also want presenters to have a non-nasally, clear voice. In addition, they placed a premium on openness to differing viewpoints (53 percent); funny, entertaining presentations (42 percent); and a fast-paced delivery (36 percent).