Health Reform in the Era of Uncertainty: Implications for the Cardiovascular Practice
Sunday, April 5, 12:30-1:45 PM

Sometimes the implications of healthcare reform can spin heads, particularly its uncertainty. This session is chock full of cardiovascular heavy hitters that should be able to explain how best to be prepared for the coming reform.

Potential implications for reform include many millions of new insured patients entering the healthcare system. This influx of patients could put a strain on cardiovascular care, as there is already a shortage of cardiologists, which is projected to last into the next decade.

With Medicare reimbursements on the decline, many physicians already have begun to turn away new Medicare patients. Where this will lead as we get further into reform remains to be seen.

Others aspect of reform on the minds of cardiologists and allied professionals are value-based payment rather than fee-for-service, accountable care organizations and health IT. In a session like this, come prepared with your questions because this panel will surely have an opinion to deliver.

Speaker Information
  • Jack Lewin, MD, CEO, American College of Cardiology, Washington, D.C. – Chair
  • Bob Kocher, MD, Special Assistant to the President for Health Care, Washington, D.C. -- Get Out the Map: Charting a New Course for Health Care Delivery
  • Ralph G. Brindis, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Calif. -- Panelist
  • James W. Fasules, MD, Vice President, Advocacy, American College of Cardiology, Washington, D.C. -- Panelist
  • Richard J. Kovacs, MD, Krannert Institute of Cardiology, Indianapolis -- Panelist