Pie Medical Imaging issues new MR flow analysis tool
Pie Medical Imaging (PMI) of Maastricht, Netherlands, has released its CAAS MR Flow analysis, which is currently an investigational device in the United States, as it is pending FDA approval.

PMI said it has added MR Flow analysis functionality to its CAAS MR product range
The CAAS MR Flow software enables health professionals to perform analysis of Phase Contrast Angiography (PCA) MR images. PCA images can be used for quantitative assessment of blood flow and velocity.

The company said the features of CAAS MR Flow include: vessel edge detection and contour propagation; analysis of four regions (ROI) per series; and anatomical designations for direct calculation of clinical results.

PMI said that the results are:
  • Anatomical results based on designations: e.g. pulmonary shunt fraction, cardiac output;
  • Single results per ROI: e.g. regurgitation fraction, pumped blood volume; and
  • ROI results over time: e.g. flow, mean velocity, area.