N.J. health orgs partner to reduce HF readmissions

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A new initiative launched by the New Jersey Hospital Association’s (NJHA) Institute for Quality and Patient Safety will bring together 50 organizations to work towards reducing readmissions for heart failure patients.

The year-long collaborative will bring together team members from each organization who will attend learning sessions and share data and best practices for reducing HF readmissions, which effects more than five million Americans per year.

"Hospital readmissions are a very complex issue, with many factors beyond the control of healthcare providers. Some readmissions are simply unavoidable," said Betsy Ryan, president and CEO of NJHA. "But we all know there is always more to be done to make our healthcare system more efficient."

According to NJHA, the initiative's goals include:
  • Working to understand why HF patients are readmitted to hospitals;
  • Partnering to share best practices that reduce readmissions;
  • Developing resources for the better management of HF and improvement of HF patients; and
  • Distributing knowledge learned to other patient populations including diabetics, pneumonia patients and those with other cardiac problems to help reduce hospital readmissions even further.