Endotronix hires three to join its management team

Endotronix recently announced it had recently hired several executives to join its management team.

Katrin Leadley, MD, joins Endotronix as chief medical officer, Richard Powers is now the company’s chief information officer and Mike Dilworth joins as vice president of manufacturing and operations.

Endotronix is developing the Cordella heart failure system, which consists of a cloud-based patient management system and a wireless implantable pulmonary artery sensor that helps manage and detect worsening heart failure.

The Cordella is not yet FDA-approved, but Endotronix said in a news release that the myCordella patient management platform is in early clinical use. The company expects the first human to use the Cordella pulmonary artery sensor in the third quarter of 2017.

In July 2016, Endotronix closed a $32 million Series C funding round. The company said at the time that it would use the money to invest in the Cordella heart failure system.

Leadley is a former chief medical officer at HeartWare and JenaValve Technology. She also served in senior clinical roles at Boston Scientific and Advanced Stent Technologies. Former Endotronix chief medical officer Nicolas Chronos, MD, is now the company’s executive vice president of strategy and clinical affairs. Chronos, an interventional cardiologist, joined Endotronix in August 2013.

Powers was the chief information officer at CardioMEMS, which was acquired by St. Jude Medical in 2014. Before joining Endotronix, he ran a consulting business and served as chief technology officer at WebOps.

Dilworth was the senior vice president of manufacturing at Nanosphere, which Luminex Corporation acquired last year. He also has been a vice president of manufacturing at Plasma Surgical, Abbott Nutrition and Ciba Vision Corporation.

Endotronix also announced that former vice president of engineering Michael Nagy is now the chief operations officer. Jennifer McMahon, an associate at Seroba Life Science, will join Endotronix’s board of directors after Seroba invested in Endotronix.