FDA investigates allegations against St. Jude Medical

The FDA is investigating allegations about cybersecurity flaws in St. Jude Medical’s cardiac devices, Reuters reports.

In late August, research firm Muddy Waters wrote a report warning investors that St. Jude’s pacemakers and defibrillators could be susceptible to hacking. Muddy Waters also said it had shorted St. Jude Medical’s stock.

St. Jude Medical then filed a lawsuit against Muddy Waters and MedSec Holdings, a cybersecurity research firm that warned Muddy Waters about the potential hacking issues.

“Regardless of the way a vulnerability comes to our attention, we take those allegations very, very seriously,” Suzanne Schwartz, MD, MBA, an FDA official, told Reuters in a telephone interview. “We are putting all of our focus on making sure that we have an understanding of what these allegations are and do a thorough investigation of the claims.”

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