National standards society renews IBHRE certification programs

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) renewed the International Board of Rhythm Heart Examiners (IBHRE) accreditation and certification programs, according to an IBHRE news release.

The IBHRE, an affiliate of the Heart Rhythm Society, has offered heart rhythm management certifications since 1985. The certification pertains to cardiac rhythm device therapy and cardiac electrophysiology.

The IBHRE exams are intended for cardiologists, surgeons and other physicians as well as for allied professionals, including physician assistants, electrophysiology and lab technicians, technologists and engineers who work in cardiac pacing or electrophysiology.

The ANSI re-accredited the IBHRE’s certification examination for competency in certified cardiac rhythm device for physicians and allied professionals as well as the certification examination for competency in certified electrophysiology for allied professionals.

The ANSI also granted new IBHRE certifications for certified electrophysiology specialists in adult cardiology and pediatric cardiology.

“Having IBHRE credentials proves to the healthcare community—and patients—that IBHRE-certified professionals not only excel in their field, but they have obtained the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver a greater quality of care,” Charles J. Love, MD, president of the IBHRE board of directors, said in a statement. “From a professional standpoint, IBHRE-certified professionals are more inclined to achieve greater professional growth as more employers and healthcare leaders recognize IBHRE credentials.”