AHA video: Consent reform can make patient informed consumers
John Spertus MD, MPH, principal investigator of PRISM, spoke with Cardiovascular Business about the findings of his 2011 AHA late-breaking clinical trial.
Source: MyHealthOutcomes
ORLANDO, Fla.— John Spertus, MD, MPH, principal investigator of the late-breaking clinical trial, PRISM, reviewed a new way to approach the consent form process that allows for greater dialogue between patients and physicians for combined decision-making with Cardiovascular Business.

In the trial evaluating this new consent form process, the researchers found that it is feasible to implement evidence-based decision aids within the routine flow of patient care. The trial was presented Nov. 14 at the 2011 American Heart Association (AHA) conference. Spertus explained the potential implications to the patient and the hospital.

This video was conducted collaboratively with ClinicalTrialResults.org.