Since the late ’60s, menopausal hormone therapy has been touted as not just a tool for alleviating menopausal discomfort but as a way to preemptively protect women against cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke.

Making healthier changes to school lunch policies is like the battle an individual endures when starting a new diet. It’s unpleasant and unpopular at first, but worth it if you stick with it.

One-third of diabetic patients prescribed metformin—the mostly commonly recommended diabetes drug—aren’t taking the medication due to side effects ranging from diarrhea to depression, researchers in the United Kingdom have found.

Erectile dysfunction could be an early warning sign of subclinical cardiovascular disease (CVD), especially in young men whose CVD risks aren’t steadily monitored, researchers reported in Vascular Medicine this December.

A blood test for high-sensitivity troponin T (hsTnT) used in emergency departments successfully ruled out myocardial infarction (MI) and helped identify patients at low 30-day risk for adverse cardiac events, researchers reported in JAMA Cardiology.