Vitamin E could be the culprit behind vaping-related lung disease

Investigators from the New York State Department of Health believe they’ve identified the culprit behind the recent onslaught of vaping-related illnesses in the U.S., Health Exec reports.

According to Health Exec, after more than 200 reported cases of e-cigarette-linked lung injury and two deaths—one in Oregon and one in Illinois—New York’s health department is focusing on vitamin E acetate. Investigators found traces of the substance in nearly all cannabis-containing samples they studied, but not in any nicotine-based products.

There have been 34 reports of severe pulmonary illness related to vaping in New York to date, and all patients reported using at least one cannabis-infused vape product before they got sick.

“We urge the public to be vigilant about any vaping products that they or any family members may be using and to immediately contact their healthcare provider if they develop any unusual symptoms,” Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD, JD, said in a statement, per Health Exec. “In general, vaping of unknown substances is dangerous, and we continue to explore all options to combat this public health issue.”

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