Micrus, Flexible Stenting align for flow-diversion technology
Micrus Endovascular and Flexible Stenting Solutions have reached an agreement to jointly develop a flow-diversion technology for neurovascular indications.

San Jose, Calif-based Micrus and Eatontown, N.J.-based Flexible Stenting Solutions describe flow diversion as a "relatively new approach” for treating large and giant aneurysms. Flow diverters are stent-like devices placed in the parent vessel in order to divert blood away from the aneurysm and promote healing.

Micrus will be responsible for overseeing the regulatory and clinical process, and will manufacture neurovascular products developed under the agreement between the two companies.

“We have been evaluating flow-diversion technologies for some time as we believe these devices will provide an additional treatment option for interventionalists in the management of difficult-to-treat fusiform, large and giant aneurysms. We are pleased to be working with Janet Burpee and her team to develop a clinically adaptive flow diversion device based on Flexible Stenting Solutions’ proprietary laser cut, self-expanding flow-diversion technology,” said John Kilcoyne, Chairman and CEO of Micrus. “We expect that our jointly developed technology will be used to treat wide-neck and fusiform aneurysms, as well as other types of clinical situations that currently are not adequately treated with either surgical or endovascular techniques.”