Researchers examined data from more than 3,000 TAVR procedures performed with balloon-expandable valves. 

Redo TAVR is not always a feasible treatment option, researchers explained. TAVR explantation can be offered to a larger patient population. 

The final decision between ViV TAVR and repeat SAVR, researchers said, should be based on multiple factors. 

Researchers examined data from 17 different facilities, keeping a close eye on mortality and rehospitalization rates. 

The system was specifically designed for patients who should avoid open-heart surgery.  

The increasing popularity of TAVR appears to be the biggest reason for this shift.

The new analysis, published in Current Problems in Cardiology, also explored the higher costs associated with post-TAVR stroke. 

As TAVR and SAVR patients get younger, valve durability will continue to gain more and more importance.

Researchers shared their findings at ESC Congress 2021 and in the New England Journal of Medicine

Additional studies are still necessary, but researchers are hopeful that modern TAVR solutions will help limit paravalvular leak in the years ahead. 

While the improved access is clearly beneficial, researchers did uncover potential issues that will need to be addressed. 

A full launch of the new system is scheduled for early 2022. 

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