Cardiologist makes history, completes LAAO with new 3D ICE catheter

An interventional cardiologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has completed the first structural heart procedure to use Philips’ new VeriSight Pro 3D intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) catheter. The procedure, a left atrial appendage occlusion (LAAO), was carried out by Mohamad Adnan Alkhouli, MD.

According to Philips, VeriSight Pro was designed to provide users with both 2D and 3D image guidance for minimally invasive heart procedures. The company also emphasized the catheter’s ability to reduce the need for anesthesia and ramp up cath lab workflows.

“Securing the best-possible live images enables interventional cardiologists and electrophysiologists to boost procedure confidence and deliver optimum outcomes for more patients,” Chris Landon, senior vice president and general manager of image guided therapy devices at Philips, said in a prepared statement. “The exceptional 2D and 3D imaging capabilities of Philips Intracardiac Echocardiology Catheter—VeriSight Pro—make it a superb choice for image guidance in interventional procedures, reducing reliance on general anesthesia and the logistical hurdles that go with it.”

Additional information on Alkhouli’s work in this field is available on the Mayo Clinic website.

“Mayo Clinic continues to be on the forefront of novel technologies that expand access to care for our growing population of patients with structural heart diseases,” he said.

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