Structural Heart Disease

Age, diabetes and smoking were all also found to be “significant predictors” of reduced valve durability among SAVR patients.

Early valve replacement was associated with improved outcomes in a new study published in Circulation.

The procedure is especially effective when treating younger, low-risk patients. 

The blood-based biomarker was previously associated with worse acute coronary syndrome outcomes. What does it mean for TAVR patients?

Once the tool's performance is properly validated, it could help clinicians deliver better patient care and result in significant cost savings for health systems.

Should patients be undergoing SAVR earlier? Is poor follow-up care partially to blame? 

Researchers reported at TCT 2021 that survival was 100% after 30 days.

The study's authors said that policies should be put in place to provide better support for these individuals. 

The team behind the new pilot study said additional research is still necessary to confirm its findings. 

Patients continue to see the benefits of transcatheter mitral valve replacement a full two years after treatment.

While the manufacturer says its solution is a safe and effective treatment option, the FDA wanted more information. 

MVP also appears to increase the risk of certain problems during childbirth. 

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The measure to extend funding through Feb. 18 does not include any of the changes championed by physicians. 

The specialty needs more female role models like the famed superhero, who became a feminist icon in the 1970s, Carter wrote Friday in JACR

The data can help department leaders better understand “discontinuity” in staff productivity and inform promotion considerations, experts said. 

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