USA Volleyball staff get CPR, AED training
In recognizing both the chance of adverse cardiac events associated with sporting events and the value of CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to help save lives, 15 members of USA Volleyball this month completed the American Heart Association's first aid certification.

Learning CPR, first aid and the use of an AED gives the staff the opportunity to be a first responder if necessary, according to the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based organization.

Hypertrophic cardiomyophathy is the leading cause of sudden cardiac deaths among people ages 12 to 32, which is the age range of the majority of people who attend USA Volleyball events.

The staff members underwent a four-hour session covering basic treatment and preventions for medical and physical emergencies by a local nurse certified in first aid and CPR and AED instruction.

During the onsite training, USA Volleyball employees were prompted to watch hypothetical emergency scenarios on a video, then watch the nurse perform the appropriate techniques on a mannequin, followed by each person participating hands-on in the mock rescue.

In addition to CPR training, USA Volleyball employees were introduced to both medical and physical emergencies ranging from allergic reactions to puncture wounds. Each scenario was broken down and taught step-by-step with overlapping similarities to trigger the memory on what exactly to do in each situation.