Top eight diabetes drugs made $5B over the past year
In recent years, the diabetes drug market and insulin market has shown remarkable growth, according to a report from Research & Markets, a Dublin, Ireland-based market research firm.

As the prevalence of obesity and related diseases (diabetes) has increased, so have the sales of drugs to treat them. The top nine brands of anti-obesity drugs have done sales of more than $100 million by November 2007 to October 2008. Whereas, the report said that the top eight diabetes drugs made a sale of more than $5 billion from the period of October 2007 to October 2008.

The report investigated diabetes prevalence, diabetes drug market and insulin market in the top 10 countries, providing a description of the U.S. sales and market share of top 10 brands in anti-obesity drug and diabetes drug market. The report talked about the prevalence of Impaired Glucose Tolerance globally, as well as 20 countries annual health expenditure on diabetes, death due to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Research & Markets said that the growth is mostly driven by increasing prevalence of diabetes globally and easily availability of insulin in developing countries due to its access at an affordable price. The diabetes prevalence is increasing due to changing food habits in the Western world leading to obesity, the report noted.

The authors noted that though many efforts are going into making the oral-pills an alternative for insulin but at present none of the systems have mimics the physiology of insulin secretion. As a result, it is expected that insulin market will keep on growing to reach $15 billion by 2012. In the future, the report predicted that insulin demand will be driven by countries such as U.S., China, India, Brazil, Russia and Germany.