Nevada requires CPR training to graduate high school

Just last month, Nevada became the 37th state to require high school students receive CPR training before graduating.

A number of other states have made this a requirement as more people prioritize the life-saving treatment.

In Nevada, the law will officially take effect during the 2017-2018 school year, according to a statement from the American Heart Association. It’s estimated that about 22,000 graduates will receive CPR training each year in the state’s public schools.

The new law expands a previous one enacted in 2013 that encouraged CPR training, but did not require it. However, a school district that includes Las Vegas has been training students in CPR on manikins for the last three years.

“It’s easy to incorporate into the school day, and the students love the interactive nature of the training,” said Diane Towery, a health teacher at Fertitta Middle School in Las Vegas, in a news release.