AHA video: Kastrati talks ISAR trials, potential bivalirudin uptick in EU
ISAR REACT 4 trial, evaluating bivalirudin (Angiomax, The Medicines Company) led to better safety outcomes. Adnan Kastrati, MD, principal investigator of ISAR REACT 4, spoke with Cardiovascular Business about the findings of his 2011 AHA late-breaking clinical trial.
Source: The Medicines Company
ORLANDO, Fla.—Adnan Kastrati, MD, principal investigator of ISAR REACT 4, sat down with Cardiovascular Business to discuss the results of the late-breaking clinical trial presented at the 2011 American Heart Association (AHA) conference, as well as how the ISAR trials have impacted interventional cardiology practice.

The trial showed that abciximab (ReoPro, Eli Lilly) plus unfractionated heparin, as compared with bivalirudin (Angiomax, The Medicines Company), increased the risk of bleeding in non–STEMI patients undergoing PCI, which may lead to an uptick in its use across Europe, which has slower rates of utilization.

This video was conducted collaboratively with ClinicalTrialResults.org.