U.S. healthcare jobs trend up, despite general employment flattening
While non-farm payroll employment saw little change in February (36,000 jobs lost and an unemployment rate holding at 9.7 percent), the U.S. healthcare industry continues to be one of the few bright spots in what continues to be a pretty dismal employment picture.

The industry saw the addition of 20,000 new jobs in February, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report released Friday, evidence that healthcare employment continues to “trend up,” according to BLS Commissioner Keith Hall.

While non-farm employment has fallen by about 170,000 in the last three months, healthcare has seen consistent growth—22,000 in December, 16,000 in January, to go along with the 20,000 reported in February. The only other sector to show significant job growth in February was temporary help services, which increased by 48,000.