Twelve in 2012 from Cardiovascular Business

If ever I need reminding that you are a diverse and broadly interested audience, all I have to do is consult data that track our articles’ popularity. We have compiled a list of the top Cardiovascular Business magazine and website stories, as measured by reads online. As a new feature, we have included top hits through Facebook and Twitter.

Clinical updates, whether it is the latest findings on anticoagulants and statins or imaging modalities for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), continue to be among your favorites. You seem to like timely coverage of everything from FDA panel meetings to late-breaking scientific sessions.

You also appreciate articles that help you run an efficient, high-quality practice. If your New Year’s resolution is to trim costs in your cath lab or extract more from value from your valve program, be sure to check out the two stories in this list. Budgeting for 2013? Keep in mind that as payment models change, so may your compensation. Nurses’ roles are evolving, too, with the emphasis on preventive or transitional care.

In my mind the dual news events of the year are the Supreme Court’s backing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the re-election of President Obama, both of which allowed healthcare reform to move forward. We already have seen implementation of some components (penalties for avoidable heart failure and acute MI readmissions, for one) and many more are on the horizon.

On Jan. 3, we will resume publication of our newsletter. We plan to continue providing you with articles that we hope inform and inspire during what likely will be a challenging year in healthcare.      

We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Candace Stuart

Cardiovascular Business, editor