Toshiba American Medical Systems
Toshiba America Medical Systems (Booth 2629) is introducing and featuring a panoply of imaging systems, and its accompanying software. 

Toshiba is showcasing its line of CT products, including the Aquilion product line.  Recently, Toshiba launched support of a new trial – CORE 320 – to validate the Aquilion ONE. In addition to both of these, Toshiba will also have information about the faCTor64 trial being conducted at Intermountain Healthcare in Utah. 

Also, Toshiba is demonstrating automated workflow enhancements and clinical applications for the Aquilion CT line—SURECardio Prospective and Variable Helical Pitch (vHP). SURECardio Prospective uses a helical acquisition technique to provide a continuous image. SURECardio Prospective adjusts to patients with irregular heartbeats, selecting scan parameters and image reconstruction based on the patient’s heart rate. The vHP completes an exam of more than one anatomical region consecutively.   

The company is demonstrating the Virtual Explorer workstation, a 3D, post-processing tool for MR analysis and image display. The workstation comes with hardware and software for a post-processing package. Software features include: MPR/MIP, 3D imaging, brain perfusion, fusion, cardiac analysis, ejection fraction, coronary assessment, myocardial perfusion, flow analysis, delayed enhancement and double oblique.

In addition, Toshiba is introducing the Cardiovascular VF-i SP with Mid-sized Flat Panel Detector and Type S Processor. The two new features are: A new digital processor that will expand on its Advance Image Processing technology to enhance resolution, visualization over dark anatomical areas and eliminate image lag. A new 12-inch x 12-inch flat panel detector covers more anatomical surface area. 

The company is upgrading its Aplio Artida ultrasound system by introducing a pediatric package and two new probes. The 3D Wall Motion Tracking will be able to assess live 3D volume images in one cardiac cycle, eliminating stitching artifacts.