Siemens Medical Solutions
Siemens Medical Solutions (Booth 303) is introducing syngo Dynamics release 7.0, a cardiology image management and reporting solution that supports integrated cardiology workflow.

The functions include multi-modality diagnostic display capability and cardiologists can quickly review an entire study without having to click through thumbnails; the role-based access to critical information delivers a secure and accelerated approach to case management; and evidence-based reporting functionality provides natural-language report generation. The reports and worksheets are automatically populated with patient demographics and measurements from qualified systems.

The Artis zeego, a next generation of interventional imaging systems for cardiology, will also be showcased. The zeego extends imaging capabilities through virtually unrestricted C-arm positioning, which delivers two non-concentric rotations supports advanced cross-sectional imaging, which is not achievable with traditional C-arm systems. The zeego allows for the positioning of the isocenter to be adjusted according to the procedural needs or the height of the physician, while wearing a heavy lead-shielded apron. Furthermore, the zeego can be parked compactly, making it ideal for hybrid rooms.

Siemens also is showcasing its Soarian Cardiology combined with syngo Dynamics, a cardiovascular information solution covering service lines, designed to streamline clinical, financial, and operational workflow across the healthcare continuum. Soarian Cardiology provides the basis for an integrated EHR across the cardiology continuum, supporting an all-digital hospital.