GE Healthcare
GE's Discovery CT750 HD is the world’s first high-definition CT system that improves image quality across the heart and body with less radiation dose.
GE Healthcare (Booth 2328) is showing a variety of cardiovascular imaging solutions, including its Discovery CT750 HD, a high-definition CT system that enables quantification of coronary stenosis, reduces cardiac radiation dose up to 83 percent, as well as reducing artifacts from calcium blooming. Some of the high-definition technologies developed for the Discovery CT750 HD are now available on the new LightSpeed VCT XTe configuration, extending cardiac CT capabilities.

GE Cardiovascular Ultrasound is showcasing the Vivid E9, specifically designed for 4D imaging. By capturing the ventricle in one beat, 4D ultrasound imaging moves from heart valves to the entire heart’s ventricles. Vivid E9 enables full volume acquisition in one, dual or multiple heart cycles. The Vivid E9’s 4D imaging, along with its quantitative tools for the diagnosis, treatment and management of heart failure patients, helps move 4D ultrasound imaging into routine clinical practice.