CeloNova BioSciences
CeloNova BioSciences (Booth 1408) is debuting the technology behind the Catania coronary stent system, which is only approved in Europe, featuring a NanoThin Polyzene-F surface treatment.

The Catania stent surface has been modified with Polyzene-F, a synthesized, inorganic, biocompatible polymer that is anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory and bacterial-resistant, to promote healthy endothelial cell growth without stimulating platelet activation.

The cobalt-chromium Catania stent features a modified open-cell design and is mounted on a semi-compliant balloon. It is available in 60 sizes: in lengths from 8mm to 38mm and in eight diameters, from 2.0 mm to 3.5 mm, in quarter steps, and 4.0 mm. The proprietary nanothin Polyzene-F polymer can be applied to or mixed with other substances to allow for a range of bioscience and industrial applications on a multitude of substrates, including other polymers, metals and ceramics.