Cardiologists top survey in average salary, signing bonus

A recent survey of nearly 2,000 physicians found cardiologists had the highest annual income, at an average of $364,000, edging out urologists and dermatologists. (Surgeons were not included.)

Conducted by PracticeMatch, a healthcare recruiting and staffing company, the survey also noted cardiologists received average signing bonuses of $26,536 with their current practices. This was more than $8,000 more than the average across all specialties.

Hospitalists were the most likely to receive a sign-on bonus, however, with 44 percent of hires receiving such compensation. Cardiologists received sign-on bonuses 33 percent of the time.

Twenty-nine percent of the physicians reported having outstanding student loans, while just 9 percent received loan assistance in 2016.

The average respondent had an average tenure of 11 years in a current position and 17 years in practice.