‘A really horrifying situation’: Cardiologist recalls treating patients after Beirut explosion

On Tuesday, August 4, a massive explosion ripped through Beirut, killing at least 137 people. George Saade, MD, a cardiologist at Bellevue Medical Center in Mansourieh, Lebanon, treated patients in the aftermath of the explosion. He shared his experience in a fascinating interview with CBC Radio.

Saade described that first day after the blast as “horrible,” providing a long list of the injuries he saw as more than 500 patients were brought in for immediate care.

“It's a strong, deep, horrible shock,” he said. “This is what I can express.”

Later, he added: “Children, young, elderly, senior citizens were staying home peacefully. And the explosion happened and they found themselves homeless, wounded, terribly wounded. It's a really horrifying situation.”

Saade also said that he and his colleagues kept the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in mind as they treated patients, wearing masks at all times as a precaution. His biggest concern, he said, is the potential for shortages of both medication and medical equipment throughout the area.

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