Cardiologist accused of sexual battery kept seeing patients for weeks

A Smyrna, Tennessee, cardiologist who was indicted on six charges of sexual battery against a patient early this year was found to still be practicing medicine more than a month later, according to local outlet the Daily News Journal.

The initial complaint about doctor Nelson Jacks Mangione dates back to September 2018, but the physician wasn’t formally charged with anything until Jan. 7, the Journal reported. When the paper’s staff called his medical office at the StoneCrest hospital campus in Smyrna Feb. 14, a receptionist confirmed he was busy with a patient.

Later that afternoon, a spokeswoman for StoneCrest said in a statement Mangione had stopped seeing patients and was cooperating with authorities.

“The charges stem from a brief chest exam of a female patient who presented with an emergent condition,” Alex Little, Mangione’s attorney, told the Journal. “Dr. Mangione conducted the exam as he has done with thousands of patients before, male and female.”

According to Tennessee law, healthcare professionals charged with a sex crime can continue to practice until they’re found guilty. Mangione posted a $25,000 bond Jan. 30 and is expected in court March 20 for a plea hearing.

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