Cardiac Care Team Spotlight I: Patient Centered Care in the Cath Lab
Saturday, March 13, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
If you intend to be in town on Saturday, this session is a must. It will outline how you can help your patients better understand their treatment and care—and potentially lead to improved compliance.

By the end of "The Silent Cardiovascular Risk Factor: Low Health Literacy," attendees will know three cues that indicate a low level of health literacy. If the patient doesn't fully understand the post-procedure instructions, compliance will suffer. It is one thing to give instructions, but it is quite another to ensure they are understood.

The use of the internet, however, has made it easier for patients to be more knowledgeable than ever about their healthcare choices. With an increase in PCI, interventionalists and other healthcare professionals have more opportunities to engage patients in decision-making prior to the procedure. In this session, there will be a focus on using informed consent to engage the patient in decision making regarding their health treatment.

More patient-centered approaches to healthcare mean there will be more moments when you can make a big difference in the lives of your patients by the way you express yourself. With that in mind, "The Teachable Moment: Starting Secondary Prevention in the Cath Lab" will help you describe cardiovascular risk factors, therapeutic goals and strategies for making an impact with your patients.

Location: Room B406

Speaker Information:
Suzanne Hughes, RN, Hudson, Ohio
Elizabeth Gialde, RN, Kansas City, Mo.
Hilary M. Nierenberg, RN, New York