Texas to start monitoring waist sizes of state troopers

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) is now recording the height, weight and waist measurement of its more than 4,200 troopers. All troopers will be required to pass two physical fitness assessments during the fiscal year, Dallasnews.com reports. The department has increased its fitness standards since 2010 with the goal of "ensuring a physically fit and well-trained force that is ready to safely respond to any situation."

Skylor Hearn, deputy director of administration and services, wrote to the troopers in an email that obesity does not only produce personal health risks but can also “negatively impact their overall effectiveness.”

The Texas State Troopers Association and the Department of Public Safety Officers Association were not consulted regarding the new program; however, they reported they have not had any complaints from the officers. Though there are some who believe this is the department’s way of pushing older troopers.

As part of the requirements, officers can choose between various timed exercises, rowing tests or a standard test that includes running, push-ups and sit-ups. They receive three chances to pass the fitness test during each assessment.

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