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Parts of the device can move or become loose during procedures, the FDA warned. 

Moving forward with PCI can make a massive difference for STEMI patients, even 48 hours after symptoms first began. 

Nearly 9,000 devices distributed in 2019 and 2020 are included in this Class 1 recall. 

Researchers examined data from 17 different facilities, keeping a close eye on mortality and rehospitalization rates. 

The physician and his practice also had to sign into a “multi-year integrity agreement” that includes specific training and reporting requirements.

The new solutions were designed to help users during diagnostic, interventional and endovascular procedures. 

It was important for researchers to confirm these stents didn't increase a patient's long-term risk of adverse events.

Experts think these new findings could ramp up the development of optimal revascularization strategies.

The system preserves hearts that can’t be procured or transplanted right away due to a limited availability of storage space.

Inpatient care for PCI is trending in the right direction, researchers explained, but there is still room for improvement. 

Surgical mitral valve repair, however, was also associated with multiple benefits.

Researchers aimed to gain a better understanding of a controversial topic. 

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Cordis Corporation warned its device can dislodge during procedures and cause serious adverse events such as heart attack or stroke.

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