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Age, diabetes and smoking were all also found to be “significant predictors” of reduced valve durability among SAVR patients.

Early valve replacement was associated with improved outcomes in a new study published in Circulation.

The device is breaking during use, an issue that may require a catheter-based intervention or even surgery. 

The procedure is especially effective when treating younger, low-risk patients. 

The study, published in JACC: Vascular Interventions, examined 619 patients who underwent PCI for LM CAD.

The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, examined outcomes from more than 3,000 patients. 

The Disrupt BTK II study will include 250 patients overall. 

The analysis included outcomes data from nearly 1,500 PCI patients. 

Amar Krishnaswamy, MD, shared his thoughts on this important technology in an exclusive interview. 

Patient outcomes didn't change much when an additional operator was involved—but could this approach impact care in other ways? 

Frailty measurements may still provide helpful information in other ways, of course. 

Researchers examined data from the SYNTAX, PRECOMBAT, NOBLE and EXCEL trials, sharing their findings in The Lancet.

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The measure to extend funding through Feb. 18 does not include any of the changes championed by physicians. 

The specialty needs more female role models like the famed superhero, who became a feminist icon in the 1970s, Carter wrote Friday in JACR

The data can help department leaders better understand “discontinuity” in staff productivity and inform promotion considerations, experts said. 

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