N.Y., Mass. providers exchange cardio images with lifeIMAGE
The pediatric cardiology group at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y., and the heart and vascular program at Baystate Health System in Springfield, Mass., are using the lifeIMAGE image exchange platform to share patients' cardiac and echocardiography imaging records.

The lifeIMAGE network allows emergency departments to transfer imaging, ECGs and other lab results to outside facilities and remote physicians. It can be used for consulting with subspecialists such as pediatric cardiologists, regardless of location, the Boston-based company stated.

At Montefiore, lifeIMAGE enables electronic consultation on echocardiographic problems with other hospitals, according to lifeIMAGE. Baystate’s heart and vascular program is using lifeIMAGE network to receive imaging from community hospitals, the company added.