NHS England chooses 3D imaging software for innovation initiative

HeartFlow, a California-based medical tech company focused on cardiovascular disease, announced its analysis system has been selected by NHS England as part of its Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) program.

According to an April 10 release from the company, HeartFlow’s FFRct Analysis will be funded by the ITP with NHS England providing reimbursement for its usage, with the ultimate goal being boarder adoption and improved efficiency and quality.

“We are delighted that NHS England has chosen to fund and to help encourage widespread adoption of the HeartFlow Analysis as part of the ITP program,” said John H. Stevens, MD, president and CEO of HeartFlow. “We look forward to working with NHS England to improve efficiency and the patient experience while delivering cost savings as demonstrated in our clinical trials.”

HeartFlow FFRct Analysis uses data from coronary computed tomography angiogram to develop a digital 3D model of a patient’s coronary arteries. The software then uses algorithms to simulate blood flow and assess the effects of potential blockages. These models may reduce unnecessary diagnostic angiography procedures and associated costs.

“For patients being assessed in a chest pain clinic with new onset chest pain, the most important focus is to first provide an accurate diagnosis as quickly as possible. It is ideal if we can avoid unnecessary invasive procedures, like angiograms, or prevent having to do multiple tests, one after the other. Most patients don't actually have angina and so being able to reassure patients and avoid unnecessary tests is also really important,” said Andrew Wragg, MBBS, PhD, a consultant cardiologist with Barts Heart Centre in London.

HeartFlow’s analysis has been used on more than 15,000 patients. It is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe.