Carestream Molecular Imaging unveils services, gel imaging systems
Carestream Molecular Imaging, a division of Carestream Health, has begun providing custom conjugation services for its Kodak X-Sight Nanospheres and Large Stokes Shift Dyes. In addition, the firm has released two new gel imaging systems to advance its popular line of Kodak Gel Logic Systems for in vitro applications in life science research laboratories.

The conjugation services include labeling of proteins, peptides and antibodies with the company’s fluorescent nanoparticles and dyes, enabling researchers to conduct in vitro and in vivo imaging experiments. The new chemistry services are performed by scientists using expert conjugation techniques that deliver personalized bioconjugation of biomolecules to some of the brightest imaging agents on the market.
The process for this service is fast and confidential: Customers submit a form available on the company’s website, send in their protein or peptide, and receive the conjugate in as few as three weeks. The service is personalized, with small- and large-scale production quantities available. It is offered for a wide array of biomolecules, which can be labeled with a selection of extremely bright and biocompatible nanoparticles or the company’s large Stokes shift dyes with near IR emission designed to maximize the fluorescent signal while minimizing auto-fluorescence.
Carestream’s new Kodak Gel Logic 112 and Kodak Gel Logic 212 Imaging Systems deliver improved image quality and data acquisition for documenting and analyzing electrophoresis gels, color metric blots and plates, the company said.

Both systems are equipped with an improved, scientific-grade 1.4 million-pixel CCD camera that can accumulate up to 14 bits of data—enabling users to extend the dynamic range to detect and quantify very dim as well as very bright signals in the same image. Additionally, software support has been added for the Apple Macintosh OSX (version 10.5) and Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista Professional.  

The Kodak Gel Logic 112 is an economical, modular gel imaging system that delivers superb image quality and analysis performance. The Kodak Gel Logic 212 System—with its real-time preview, speed, and integrated illumination cabinet—is designed for medium-to-large labs where workflow, high-sample throughput, safety and high-quality image analysis are critical.

The Kodak Gel Logic 212 System also can be upgraded to the Kodak Gel Logic 1500 and 2200 Imaging Systems—advanced systems for imaging a wide array of samples including chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and chromogenic gels, blots and plates.